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Are You Interested In Light Body Activation with

  • Multiplied Healing Light,
  • Auric Clearing and Healing,
  • Soul Clearing, Healing, and Ascension,
  • Or God/Source Clearing, Healing, and Ascension?

The Light Givers International Association exists to uplift mankind and the solar system by providing Ascensions and endowments to All who are energetically qualified.


You, as Soul, can be vaccinated with pure Divine God-Source Energy. You can instantly experience the Spiritual Healing Power of Pure Soul Awakening that culminates in Soul Ascension.


Our founders, a group of Master Universal Healers, discovered in October, 2010 that the Divine Healing energy they use has been recently multiplied many times over. (More on the “About Us” page.)

Clearings and healing require seconds rather than hours; karma is instantly removed and Ascension immediately occurs. All done within seconds.

And, the recipients begin radiating Soul Consciousness to everyone around them.

So, no matter which healing modality is used, the energy used by the healer is multiplied many times over.


The most amazing thing of all is that the Multiplied Healing Light also allows Ascension to be performed by the Light Givers and the Ascension Masters.

Not only can the Soul Consciousness healing be given online, but people may experience Soul Ascension as well. Rather than taking years or even lifetimes to move to and beyond Soul Ascension on their own, they may simply follow the instructions and graphics on the Light Givers website.

People can also move on to God Consciousness and beyond through the services of a Light Giver - Ascension Master. They are then expected to adhere to their own spiritual path and wherever their spiritual path leads – even to the Path beyond the path.


  • Features slide shows and websites embedded with Multiplied Healing Light, such as Sourccination™
  • Provides orientations about Multiplied Healing Light for established energy workers
  • Maintains contact lists of practicing Light Givers - Ascension Masters
  • Works with individuals willing to accept Multiplied Healing Light and to share it freely with others
  • The Association solely operates with volunteer efforts and free will donations; donations are welcome

Do You Want to Receive Healing Light?

  • Do Sourccination™ as often as you wish
    Prerequisite: None; trust your own experiences.

Become a Light Giver!

  • Coach others on Self Clearing and Restoring Healing Light
  • Perform Auric and Soul clearings (if necessary)
  • Perform Soul Ascension
  • Coach others on how to maintain Soul Ascension
    Prerequisite: Ability to calibrate energy is required prior to certification.

To cover expenses and/or opportunity costs, nominal donations may be suggested.

CLICK HERE for a Sourccination™

All services of the Light Giver and Ascension program are complementary to other healing arts, spiritual programs, and traditional medical treatment and counseling techniques. These services can be effective; however, they are not a substitute for medical treatment or spiritual counseling. The Light Giver does not diagnose conditions, provide spiritual counseling, nor perform medical treatment in any way. The Light Giver practitioners do not physically touch the recipient’s body, diagnose diseases, prescribe any drugs/substances, make any health claims, or guarantee any outcome. While some Light Givers may offer services in the context of their professional practice, such services are not an element of the Light Giver and Ascension programs. You are encouraged to be responsible in the use and choice of professional healing and spiritual assistance.

Your use or practice of any of the procedures or protocols contained within this website indicates that you fully accept responsibility for the consequences of your actions. In no way is The Light Giver and Ascension program or Gregory M. Scott, its founder, to receive credit or to be held liable for your actions and/or experiences.

Wouldn’t It Be
Wonderful If...

You, as Soul, could be vaccinated with pure Divine God-Source Energy and enjoy:

  • Karma Elimination
  • Spiritual Upliftment
  • Seeing God (the Best) in others

And you could instantly experience the Spiritual Healing Power of Pure Soul Awakening!

Without ...

  • Spending thousands of dollars on hotels, airfare, etc.
  • Taking endless classes/discourses
  • Depending on, or waiting for initiations, shakti pats, deekshas, or darshans
  • Traveling hundreds or thousands of miles
  • Being away from home and your family for days or weeks at a time
  • Giving hundreds of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours

Just Suppose . . .

You could end karma today and everybody you meet or think about could “catch” this Healing Light from you


Without you saying a word!

What A Revolutionary Idea!

If you are ready for Sourccination™ with God-Source energy CLICK HERE

Are you interested in

  • More information?
  • Upcoming events?
  • Healing stories, tips, and techniques?
  • Becoming a Light Giver - Ascension Master?

Secure and Confidential

The Light Givers International Association gratefully accepts your donations in any amount via PayPal

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